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Nada Centre for Music Therapy is a nonprofit, public, charitable organization, founded and registered on 12th May, 2004 by a few enthusiastic individuals under the guidance of Dr T V Sairam. Ever since its inception, the Centre has been popularizing the healing concepts and practices of music in general and raga therapy in particular. A list of pioneering articles, papers, books etc authored /published by Dr Sairam since the year 2000 is uploaded in this website. Similarly, a list of events conducted by him during the last twenty years is also available here.

Nada Centre is proud of their professional links with American Music Therapy Association, Delhi Music Society, India International Centre, India Habitat Centre, AIIMS, Vimhans, (all from New Delhi) Global Hospital, Narada Gana Sabha (all from Chennai), Yenepoya Hospital (Deemed Univeristy), Mangalore, Shanmukhananda Sangeet Sabha, Mumbai, Vizag Music Academy, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore Univeristy, Bangalore, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, without whose immense enthusiasm on this nascent subject, Indian music therapy would not have reached the present stage and status.

Dr Sairam, the President of the Centre has introduced the increasing relevance of ancient concepts of Nada Yoga and Raga Chikitsa as essential ingredients in the ever- growing discipline music therapy to the West (USA, UK, Greece, France, South Korea etc ) The Distance Learning Program started for the first time in India in the year 2009 has produced hundreds of professional music therapists who have come from various discipline such as: music, medicine, psychology, lifestyle management etc.

The Centre has so far organized fourteen international conferences and workshops in Chennai (one in Music Academy and another Narada Gana Sabha), New Delhi (two in Vimhans, two in Raman Kendra and the other 3 in YWCA of Delhi ), Visakhapatnam (2 in Andhra University), Bangalore (University) , Tiruvannamalai and Mangalore (Yenepoya Medical College); between the years 2004 and 2019. These conferences were attended by music therapists not only from India but also from several countries, viz., Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Brussels, Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Iran, Israel, Nepal, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UK, USA etc.

The Centre was the first set-up to provide a meeting ground for music therapists in India. It brought together people from diverse fields of specialization such as music, medicine, musicology, psychology, homoeopathy, ayurveda and siddha and who are engaged with study and research of music and music healing. These conferences were convened primarily to disseminate the knowledge and understanding on music therapy- as conceptualized and practiced world-wide.

The Centre has been pro-active in the formation of the INDIAN MUSIC THERAPY ASSOCIATION (IMTA) w.e.f 1 st January 2019. The first IMTA Conference was wholly sponsored by the Centre which took place on the 1 st and 2nd Dec 2018, attended by over 120 delegates from India and abroad.

For research on music therapy, the Centre is being consulted by the institutes of higher learning (AIIMS, New Delhi; Vimhans, New Delhi; Global Hospital, Chennai; Yenepoya Medical College, Mangalore; Rotary International, New Delhi & Pollachi; TMMTRC, Kolkata etc) and also several voluntary associations working for various causes such as autism, pain management, rehabilitation, mental retardation etc (Lebenshilfe, Visakhapatnam; Asha Foundation (Army Welfare Association); Behala Bodhayan (Kolkata) etc.)

Universities such as Amity, Andhra, Bangalore, Benares, and Madras, institutions like INMAS (DRDO) New Delhi and several hospitals including Global Hospital, AIIMS and Vimhans, have been drawing the expertise of the Centre in the past for their various training and research requirements.

Apart from popularizing and researching on the therapeutic role of Indian Music, the Centre is currently engaged in the process of evolving and testing what is termed as 'appropriate music' for being used as a complementary intervention and to create a definite 'feel good' feelings in victims of trauma, persons suffering from anxiety, depression and various forms of mental ailments. A small core group of volunteers drawn not only from India but also from other parts of the world, comprising of medical and musical professionals, is actively engaged to fulfill this humanitarian need.

Those students who have completed the 9-month Distance Learning Program are now working as the ambassadors of the Centre in India and abroad and bringing music to the suffering humanity. The Centre salutes all the former students and the faculty for this great support!

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